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AudioFilms Recordings label division allows us the oppurtunity to market & release our singles, EPs and albums worldwide. We independently sign recording artists to our label to take thier music carreers to the next level.


AudioFilms Recordings invests the required time it takes to get the signee to the next level.  The overall goal of the company is to secure a solid music career foundation for our artists, while continuing to craft great music for our catalog.  


At AudioFilms we feel it is important to ensure the artists knows how to create impactful music & promote themselves utilizing social media. 


Here at AudioFilms Recordings, we pride ourselves in making music that is relevant and cutting edge without being short-term trendy.


AudioFilms Recordings aims for quality artists who are truly passionate about a long-term music career and understands our niche of conceptual music.  Conceptual music allows the listening audience to visualize the song, not just hear the song; hence our slogan, HEAR THE VISION.


We are currently looking for artist in all genres. You must have a social media presence and be truly passionate about your craft. Please click the A&R button below and fill in the form to be considered for our roster. We will review all submission within 30 days and contact you within that timeframe, if we're interested.

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