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AudioFilms Recordings production division is all in-house and we're able to create EDM, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop,Rock, Classical, Latin and Jazz music or scores.


We can create music and write songs based upon a particular concept. Our production is geared towards advertisements, scores, soundtrack and recording artist records (i.e. singles, ep, albums, remixes).


We ensure the talent and/or clients vision is understood before we present our first draft of production.


We have the talent to not only create the music & write a song but we also have studio engineers who can mix your songs until it meets and/or exceeds your expectations.


Preview "Rockswell Smith" instrumental debut EDM concept album "The Bpm Cinema" on iTunes

(Click here to listen).




This instrumental digital rock album was originally produced and arranged for video game developers and the gamers who play. It will also appeal to rock music listeners worldwide. This instrumental album was designed to have your imagination going as each song sets up a scene. 

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