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AudioFilms Recordings Publishing division is on track for creating a great catalog of original music, for its clients and their projects.  We will always ensure our catalog is stocked with strong conceptual music and will over time, ensure its diversity in style and genres.  As we continue to build our publishing catalog, we anticipate leading the way into the world of a new music era for songs that can last forever.

Our streamline process to license our music makes our publishing division attractive to our current/potential clients worldwide. We are a one-stop operation because everything we do is handled solely by the owner and its legal advisor. To get clearance for a song in our catalog there is no maze to go through and this transaction can be secured fairly easy after filling out our MUSIC SUPERVISOR FORM.


We work closely with the client to carefully assist with their musical needs for their very important project. AudioFilms Recordings Publishing division understands that every project is different, and we will use our ears, talent and expertise to make sure that you get exactly the right song licensed to suit all your commercial needs.



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